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Good Sleeping habits play a key role in achieving a quality life. However, it's not always possible to sleep without any obstruction and that’s why the inspire therapy from Sleep services of Maryland is the ultimate solution.

What is Inspire Therapy?

Inspire therapy is a system that works in your body to treat obstructive sleep apnea. It works with your natural breathing process and based on how you breathe it mildly stimulates the key airway muscles keeping the airway while you are sleeping. A small handheld remote control the inspire therapy system. The sleep remote is made up of:

  • Generator
  • Breathing sensor
  • Stimulation lead

To start the inspire therapy to turn on before sleeping and turn it off when you wake up.

Who Qualifies for Inspire Therapy

You need to inspire therapy if;

  • Suffering from severe or moderate obstructive sleep apnea
  • You are not able to use CPAP
  • Your weight is moderate
  • You are over 22 years of age

It's important that you contact a doctor from Sleep Services of Maryland who will evaluate your health status and determine whether inspire therapy will work for you. If you have a pacemaker you qualify for the process, but it's paramount that the doctor evaluates your health.

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What Do You Expect During an inspire Therapy Session?

A short surgical procedure is done to impact the inspire therapy. The system is placed under the skin of your neck or chest through small incisions. Before taking the procedure makes sure you ask all the questions so that you understand what the process involves.

How Long Does it take to recover from the Surgery?

The recovering period after the surgery varies from one person to another. During the process, you might feel some pain and a little swelling in the areas where the incision has been done. You can go home as soon as the procedure is completed, and you can resume work and any other nonstrenuous activities. Most patients recover after a few weeks.

Does the Inspire Therapy Limit Your Activities?

The therapy will not limit your activities, however, consult the doctor on the kind of activities you should avoid. Activities such as lifting or those that strenuous may not be allowed.

How often should I Visit the Sleep Services of Maryland for a Checkup?

The inspire therapy system should be checked once or twice per year but depending on your situation the doctor may allocate more appointments.

Why Should Consider inspire if you suffer from sleep apnea

  • Its simple surgical process with no major side effects
  • May be covered by the insurances and you, therefore, don’t have to pay out of your pocket
  • Doesn’t require you to visit the inspire doctor many times unless you have a unique condition
  • Its approved by the department of transportation and it can be taken up by anyone
  • Doesn’t prevent one from undergoing any imaging procedures

Inspire therapy is an innovative technology which is clinically proven to heal sleep apnea. You can count on the procedure to get enough sleep and lead a more fulfilling life.