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Sleep Consult & Sleep Study



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Initial Sleep Consultation

The first step to navigating you to a good night’s sleep will begin with an initial sleep consultation with our board-certified sleep specialist. In this visit, your sleep specialist will review your medical history and sleep concerns. Upon completing a thorough evaluation, your physician will discuss your diagnosis and treatment options for your specific concern. Sleep Services of Maryland uses the most leading edge testing and innovative and comprehensive treatment options so you can rest assure that you will receive the best possible care.

Sleep Study

Based on your diagnosis at the initial consultation, your sleep specialist may require you to return for a follow up sleep study visit.

If a sleep study is necessary, you will be scheduled for your sleep study before you leave your consultation visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sleep Studies

What type of sleep study will be conducted?

Your sleep specialist may conduct home sleep study or an overnight, attended sleep study known as nocturnal polysomnograms or PSG.

There are three types of overnight sleep studies and they include:

>> Diagnostic Evaluation

One of the more common overnight sleep studies include the Diagnostic Evaluation Sleep Study. In this study sleep specialists measure your sleep without any intervention. This study is generally used to diagnose or rule out a disorder.

>> Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Titration

In this study, a CPAP machine or ‘continuous positive airway’ machine is utilized to provide mild form of air pressure to help individuals with breathing difficulties. This procedure is used in both adults and children to help keep their airways open and normalize the breathing.

>> Split Night Study

This study combines two different studies in one to include the Diagnostic and CPAP Titration study. The study begins with the Diagnostic Evaluation study and at mid-point switches to the CPAP. Once the CPAP is started, breathing pressure is adjusted through the night until breathing has been normalized.


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