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- Discomfort in legs and arms
- Begins during inactivity
- Urge to move
- Relief by movement
- Worsening symptoms in evening

Many are not aware that "insomnia symptoms" can lead to Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a disorder of the nervous system that causes "discomfort in legs and arms". The precise "cause of Restless Leg Syndrome" is unknown, though it is alleged that the brain uses iron in huge amounts. Genetics also plays an important role. Since it affects both men and women, especially middle aged and older people, visiting an "insomnia clinic" is advisable. Iron deficiency, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, pregnancy are associated with RLS. However, "treatment for restless leg syndrome" can improve this disorder. The sensation can vary in severity from being frustrating to painful, say "insomnia doctors".