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- Difficulty falling asleep
- Waking during the night
- Waking too early
- Daytime fatigue
- Tension headaches
- Irritability / depression / anxiety

Waking up early, "waking during the night", feeling fatigued, are the symptoms of Insomnia. Insomnia can be classified as primary (unable to sleep) and secondary ("difficulty falling asleep" because of health reasons like asthma, heartburn, etc.). The reasons could be stress, emotional or physical problems, and environmental factors. "Treatment for insomnia" includes diagnosing health problems causing insomnia. If insomnia persists, then "insomnia specialist" may suggest behavioral therapy. This treatment can be a "cure for insomnia" as it will help change your behavior. Relaxation Exercise, Reconditioning, Sleep Restriction Therapy are some of the other "insomnia treatment" techniques.

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