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The Dangers And Consequesnces Of Sleep Deprivation

The amount of hours a person sleeps is very important. The amount of hours you need to sleep changes as you age, infants need 16 hours of sleep while teenagers need about 9 hours of sleep. For adults the amount of time they need to sleep can vary. Some adults only need 5 hours and others need as many as 10, but generally they need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. If you start sleeping less more often it will start to pile up on you. Those two hours less that you don’t sleep will add up to 14 hours by the end of that week, making you much more tired than you would be if you have slept the right amount of hours. Your sleep is what gets you feeling energized and ready to start your day off right.

Too little amount of sleep will cause you to become sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation will leave you feeling tired and grouchy throughout the day. Sleep deprivation will cause you to fall asleep frequently throughout the day, which can negatively affect your professional and social life. An employer won’t want someone who tends to fall asleep on the job and your friends won’t want to be with someone who is always too tired to do anything. What are some of the other symptoms of sleep deprivation? Sleep deprivation has been connected to memory problems, depression, a weaker immune system, and an increased reception of pain. Driving while sleep deprived has caused thousands of auto accidents over the years and caused hundreds of deaths. Many people try to fight of their need to sleep with the help of coffee and other stimulants, such as energy drinks. These stimulants have been found to not be effective against severe sleep deprivation.

Without an adequate amount of sleep every night your mind and body will starts to become sluggish leading to worse work quality, memory issues, body pain, and can make driving very dangerous. At Sleep Services of Maryland we offer comprehensive examinations that will help us find out if you are suffering from any kind of sleeping disorder. If you are suffering from a sleeping disorder that is causing you to become sleep deprived than we can create a treatment plan specifically for you .

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