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Get Better Sleep With Provent

Do you snore so uncontrollably loud that it drives your family crazy? Snoring occurs when the muscles in the back of your mouth and throat relax too much and shrink your airway, causing your soft palate and uvula to vibrate and hit the back of your throat. This vibration and hitting is what causes the sound that bothers your family at night. Many people think snoring is a harmless annoyance but they don’t know the harmful medical issues it could be associated with, such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be very serious because it can stop your breathing at random times during your sleep.

The best way to treat your snoring is by making certain lifestyle changes such as losing weight or quitting smoking. If making these lifestyle changes doesn’t help there is a new device called Provent that will prevent your breathing from being disrupted while you sleep. Provent is a simple device that you attach to the outside of your nostrils so that air can come in but makes it more difficult for air to go out. The air builds up pressure so that your airways will stay open during your sleep. Unlike other forms of treatment for sleep apnea, such as CPAP, Provent is not as uncomfortable. Many couples who have used CPAP thought that it was much more troublesome than the snoring that bothered them at first.

While Provent is a great device to treat sleep apnea, it still requires a prescription from a doctor. Visit Sleep Services of Maryland so that we can find out whether Provent is right for you or if you should try a different treatment method. Make sure to visit Sleep Services of Maryland or give us a call at 240.491.0164 so that we can diagnose any sleep disorders you might be suffering from and treat it. If you want to find out more about Provent, go to this website.

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