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Common Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Sleep Apnea Treatments in Maryland


- Excessive daytime sleepiness
- Snoring
- Gasping for breath while asleep
- Frequent awakenings during sleep
- Waking with dry mouth or sore throat
- Morning headache
- Frequent night time urination- Fatigue

Frequent loud "snoring" is a sign of Sleep Apnea, a disorder where one "gasps for breath while asleep". Pauses in the airflow results in a drop in the oxygen level and the brain responds by "frequent awakenings during sleep". A major sign of sleep apnea is "excessive daytime sleepiness". Other symptoms include morning headaches, memory issues, depression, irritation, sore throat which if unnoticed can lead to high BP, heart attack, neurological disorder, etc.
Narcolepsy & Hypersomnia in Maryland


- Excessive daytime sleepiness
- Constant need for daytime naps
- Sleep paralysis
- Hallucinations
- Cataplexy

Apart from Sleep Apnea, "excessive daytime sleepiness" disorder includes Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia. Symptoms of Narcolepsy include irresistible sleepiness and brief sleep duration, accompanied by sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations, etc. The causes of both the disorders are unknown, but there is evidence that it occurs due to genetic disorders. "Treatments for narcolepsy" are a combination of behavioral changes and medicines based on the individual symptoms. The duration of "narcolepsy treatment" can vary from person-to-person.
Insomnia in Maryland


- Difficulty falling asleep
- Waking during the night
- Waking too early
- Daytime fatigue
- Tension headaches
- Irritability / depression / anxiety

Waking up early, "waking during the night", feeling fatigued, are the symptoms of Insomnia. Insomnia can be classified as primary (unable to sleep) and secondary ("difficulty falling asleep" because of health reasons like asthma, heartburn, etc.). The reasons could be stress, emotional or physical problems, and environmental factors. "Treatment for insomnia" includes diagnosing health problems causing insomnia. If insomnia persists, then "insomnia specialist" may suggest behavioral therapy. This treatment can be a "cure for insomnia" as it will help change your behavior. Relaxation Exercise, Reconditioning, Sleep Restriction Therapy are some of the other "insomnia treatment" techniques.
Circadian Rhythm Disorder in Maryland


- Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (fall asleep late, difficulty waking up on time)
- Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (fall asleep early, wake up too early)
- Shift work sleep disorder
- Jet lag/rapid time zone change

It is disturbance in sleep patterns due to disruption in the 'internal body clock' which can lead to insomnia. "Circadian rhythm sleep disorders" can be categorized as: Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (common in teenagers and youngsters that results in "falling asleep late"), Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder ("waking up too early" (2am - 5am) or early evening (6pm - 9pm)), Jet Lag ("difficulty waking up on time" due to new time zone), "Shift Work Sleep Disorder" (working at different shifts), Nacrolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness and "falling asleep early"). There are various treatments based on the type of disorders.
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) in Maryland


- Discomfort in legs and arms
- Begins during inactivity
- Urge to move
- Relief by movement
- Worsening symptoms in evening
Many are not aware that "insomnia symptoms" can lead to Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a disorder of the nervous system that causes "discomfort in legs and arms". The precise "cause of Restless Leg Syndrome" is unknown, though it is alleged that the brain uses iron in huge amounts. Genetics also plays an important role. Since it affects both men and women, especially middle aged and older people, visiting an "insomnia clinic" is advisable. Iron deficiency, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, pregnancy are associated with RLS. However, "treatment for restless leg syndrome" can improve this disorder. The sensation can vary in severity from being frustrating to painful, say "insomnia doctors".

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